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If you have already installed tubemate apps download on your phone, it will be easier for you to search for, or download your favorite music videos. These videos might be from a different genre (for example US-UK or Korean music) and you want to allocate them by singer, genre, or your own choosing. In this article, I will give you the easiest and fastest steps on how to organize downloaded videos in Tubemate.

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On Tubemate’s home screen, select the icon on the top right then select “Download List”

Customize downloaded list on tubemate apps

Select ” Download playlist”

To create a folder for your videos, click on the “Playlist” icon (as shown below)

Customize downloaded list on apps tubemate

Click ” Playlist” icon to creat a folder

To name your folder (example “Songs of UK”), follow these steps

Customize downloaded list on application tubemate

Creat name your folder

To move any video to your ‘Songs of UK’ playlist, click on the icon next to the video, then select “ Add to playlist”

Customize downloaded list on android tubemate

Select ” Add to playlist”

If you want to rename your folder, select the icon below

Customize downloaded list on download app tubemate

Rename your folder

Type in the new name (example “Songs of Taylor Swift”), then select ‘Submit’

Customize downloaded list on tubemate apps download

Select ” Submit”

With just a few steps, it is easy to organize your video playlist. Hopefully after reading my instructions on how to organize downloaded video in Tubemate, you will have many great entertaining moments with your favorite playlist. Good luck and thanks for reading!

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