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Once you have downloaded tubemate app to your device, it will become more convenient for you to watch videos or movies, at any time. Besides watching music videos online, now you can download and save them to your phone and listen to them anytime, or share them with your friends! In this article, I will instruct you how to download MP3 file on Tubemate.

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Once you find your favorite video, select the “Download” icon to save it to your phone.

Download MP3 file on tubemate apps

Select ” Download” icon

There will be a list of screen resolution for you to choose. To download an MP3 file, select audio resolution as below then click “Download”

Download MP3 file on apps tubemate

Select audio resolution

Select MP3 format

Download MP3 file on application tubemate

Select MP3 format

After choosing MP3 format, there will be a notification asking if you want to install “MP3 Video Converter”. Click “Install” to bring it to your phone.

Download MP3 file on tubemate apps download

Choose ” Install” MP3 Video converter

Once installation is complete, you will find it on Google Play

Download MP3 file on download app tubemate

MP3 Video Converter on Google Play

You can also rename the file

Download MP3 file on apps tubemate

Rename the file MP3

When all the steps are done, the MP3 file will be downloaded as shown below

Download MP3 file on tubemate apps free download

Download MP3 file is completed

It is so simple to download mp3 files to your phone with these few simple steps. I hope that after reading these instructions on how to download MP3 file on Tubemate, you now will have many great moments, enjoying your music library..and don’t forget to share it with friends!!! Have fun and thanks for reading!

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