How to create playlist on Tubemate

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While using tubemate app free download, you can download many videos to your device. You may need to organize them into folders for a better use and organization. In this article, I will instruct you on how to create playlist in Tubemate.

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On Tubemate main screen, select the “Playlist” icon to go to the list of videos.

Creat playlist in tubemate apps

Select ” Playlist” icon

After that, select the “Add” icon to create a playlist

Creat playlist in application tubemate

Select ” Add” icon

Name your playlist and select if it is a video or an audio playlist, then select “Submit” to finish the process

Creat playlist in apps tubemate

Select ” Submit” to finish

Once the playlists are created, you can move your videos to any playlist you want

Creat playlist in tubemate apps download

Move video to any playlist

After reading my instructions on how to create playlist in Tubemate, you will know how to organize your favorite videos for convenient use. Good luck and thanks for reading!

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