How to create downloaded folder on Tubemate app

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With download app tubemate, it has become so easy for you to watch your favorite videos on your device. But sometimes, it’s hard to find your videos if they are not organized in a specific folder or by theme. In this article named how to create downloaded folder on Tubemate app, I will instruct you how to do so.

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From your video list screen, select “Add folder”

Create dow nloaded folder on tubemate app

Select ” Add folder”

Then enter the name of the new folder

Create downloaded folder on app tubemate

Enter the name of folder

Now go back to the Tubemate screen and go to “Download playlist”. Select a video and then select “Move to”

Create downloaded folder on tubemate apps

Select ” Move to”


Then select the “Test” folder you just created.

Create downloaded folder on application tubemate

Select the folder that created

Hopefully after reading the article how to create downloaded folder on Tubemate app, you will know how to organize your playlist and make it more convenient whenever you need to find specific videos or share a video with friends. Have fun and thanks for reading!

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