How to change download folder on Tubemate

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Once your device is updated with the latest version of tubemate free download, you will see that this user-friendly app is convenient and allows you to download your favorite videos or mp3 files. To make it easier to find videos for you to share with friends, you will want to arrange your downloaded videos into a separate folder. In this article named how to change download folder on Tubemate, I will instruct you with detailed steps to change folders as you want.

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From your download folder screen, select “Add folder” to create a folder for your videos

Change downloaded folder on application tubemate

Select ” Add folder”

Now go back to your list of downloaded videos, select a video, then select “Move to” to change the location of the video to the new folder have created (Like the ‘Video of mine’ folder shown above)

Change downloaded folder on tubemate free app

Select ” Move to”

Also, to move a video from the “Video of mine” folder to a different one, select that video

Change downloaded folder on download app tubemate

Select video and move to different folder

Then select “Move to” and select “New folder” and create a new folder, for example “Gift to Sunny”, then select “Submit” and “OK”

Change downloaded folder on apps tubemate

Create a new folder

With this article how to change download folder on Tubemate, I hope that you know how to arrange your folder conveniently and make it easier for you to look for a video, or to share it with friends. Have fun and thanks for reading!

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